Sunday, February 17, 2019

The Hyqueous Vaults Reference & Handout Pack now available!

The Hyqueous Vaults Reference & Handout Pack contains extra maps (including an un-keyed one for virtual tabletops), the monster roster, and the player handouts. Download it from here:

If you use a virtual tabletop, please let me know if the included one works for you, or whether you'd prefer something that's not pdf.


  1. The map intended for online gaming looks good to me (I haven't uploaded it and looked at it on roll20 yet).

    However, with the bounds of the image being the edges of the grid it makes it easier to fit to the roll20 grid if that is desired.

    Once I've extracted it and uploaded it I'll give a better opinion on it

  2. sweet. sad that my group may not return. perhaps i will plant a new seed in the campaign that incentivizes such an endeavor.